Programs and Initiatives 

 Haiti Lives On: Water Purification                           Project

Volunteers on mission trips visit campsites and schools where people continue to need medical and counseling assistance. These trips are designed to assist the communities as they recover from various natural disasters. These volunteer opportunities are geared towards individuals who desire to give their time to make a lasting impact and to partner with an organization that is dedicated to transforming Haiti in the short and long term.

 NJ4Haiti  believes that the best way to raise awareness and make a direct and lasting impact is to have individuals become intimately involved in changing Haiti for the better. Those who participate in this program will gain a keen understanding of the devastation experienced by various Haitian communities and the resilient spirit of the Haitian people. 


NJ4Haiti is led by dedicated staff members who have roots in the Haitian community – they have lived in Haiti and/or visited Haiti many times. We work closely with Haitians and friends of Haiti, in America and internationally. Our staff members are fluent in Haitian Creole and understand Haitian culture.




  • Live and Work alongside local people and other volunteers

  • Learn about Haiti and the challenges it faces

  • Work in collaboration with other NGOs and gain volunteering  experience

  • Help the people of Haiti who desperately need it

  • Learn the rich culture and history of the Haitian people

  • Obtain a life changing experience that will be memorable


Would You Like to   Volunteer?

Our volunteers are not just exclusive to New Jersey. In fact, our participants are from all over the country. We are seeking medical professionals, educators, psychologists, counselors, pharmacists or concerned citizens who are willing to assist in medical facilities as needed:



  • Must be willing to experience new things

  • Must be a team player with an open mind

  • Must be 18 years of age or older

  • Additional Trip Details:

  • Destination: St. Marc, Haiti


Group size: Limited to 25 people



Volunteer work: Visit schools, tent campsites and orphanages. The team will provide medical relief, feed meals to the community, as well as participate in a community development project.


 Trip Cost: (covers the expenses below)

  • Flight

  • Lodging

  • Transportation

  • Security

  • Tour Guides

  • Meals: Haitian cuisine prepared fresh daily (breakfast and dinner). Daily supply of bottled water.

  • Relief Efforts Expenses

  • Transportation will be provided between airport and lodging site, as well as between volunteer sites

  • Language and Culture Training prior to trip (USA)

  • Orientation prior to the trip

  • Medical/ School supplies for the community



Education Support

Established in 2010 during the devastating 7.0 earthquake that hit Haiti claiming the lives of over 250,000 people, New Jersey for Haiti has been at the forefront of recovery and rebuilding of Haiti since the aftermath of the tragedy. Haiti is considered one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere faced severe complicities around clean water.  More importantly now, over 80% of rural Haitians lack direct access to sanitation facilities, and only 48% have access to an improved water source. Haiti will be rebuilding for years, and sustainable clean water access is crucial for their recovery. This is the essential reason why New Jersey for Haiti has galvanized the support of various organizations and partners to tackle this challenge. Through our volunteers, human rights advocates and environmentalist we have comprised a concerted effort to address this dilemma.  The water purification project focuses on clean water, health and wellness, socio-economic empowerment and social entrepreneurism. 


Since 2010 NJ4Haiti conducted several annual mission trip designed to provide medical services to some of the poorest communities in Haiti. On this mission our volunteers discovered that most patients were suffering from diseases related to contaminated water. Once back in the United States, the group decided their next major effort was to provide large quantities of clean water to the communities impacted on a consistent basis. After researching the best method, they decided on the Solar Mobile Max Pure system, which had been used effectively in Darfur and was already in use in some parts of Haiti. NJ4Haiti  partnered with World Water And Solar Technologies who developed the Mobile Max Pure water purification system which will be instrumental to making this project a success. The Mobile Max Pure will provide communities in need with over 30,000 gallons of water daily at a cost of less than one (1) penny per gallon.

The Mobile Max Pure water purification system is a self-powered and off the grid system that does not require a connection to the electric grid nor a constant supply of diesel fuel. The unit also provides power to run lights, tools, equipment and sensitive computers and other electronic equipment. The Mobile Max Pure requires very little maintenance and lasts for about 25 years. It should be noted that the machine can purify water from various sources including wells, lakes, and the ocean.

The cost of each water purification system including shipping and set up is an estimated $150,000. Our goal is to provide four communities with this water purification system with a total fundraising goal of $600,000. NJ for Haiti will send out each unit as the funds become available. Approximately $38,000 has been raised by the late Congressman Donald M. Payne (NJ-10) via the Congressional Black Caucus. The goal is to have several units shipped within the next three years. 

“I commend NJ for Haiti for joining the world’s largest humanitarian response as a key partner in helping Haiti recover and rebuild after the devastating earthquake two years ago. As a committed supporter of NJ for Haiti, I applaud the Haiti Lives On initiative’s focus on supplying water purification systems to make clean water available for our Haitian brothers and sisters. During my visits to Haiti, I observed first-hand that most Haitians are no better off than in the weeks following the earthquake. Haiti’s high infectivity and death rate caused by the cholera epidemic is unacceptable and unconscionable, so this initiative is the right step toward helping Haiti prevent the next expected waves of cholera from ravaging its communities.”


- late Congressman Donald M. Payne 2010 (NJ-10) 


NJ4Haiti Missions




Our initiatives are supported through volunteer efforts, collaborative agreements and the generosity of our private donors who support our cause. Our goal is to create sustainable communities through clean water initiatives and educational enrichment.

We believe access to clean water is a fundamental human right and essential to good health. For this reason, we would like to implement a clean water initiative and educational enrichment project in Pisto, Haiti with support from our volunteer staff and World Water and Solar.

Our objective is to prevent the occurrence of waterborne outbreaks in Pisto, Haiti through an educational program designed to teach Pisto Stakeholders and Agricultural Community Members water pollution prevention and treatment (i.e., proper sanitation and hygiene practices)  using the patented technology of  World Water & Solar Technology water purification system, The Mobile MaxPure.  Upon completion of the sanitation and hygiene educational program, our objective is to create an environmentally and economically sustainable community by phasing in a training program that will teach Pisto stakeholders and Agricultural Community Members proper farming methods required to increase food production and generate income through agricultural trade.

We will measure the success of the sanitation and hygiene educational program by conducting pre and post-tests to determine participates’ knowledge regarding preventing and controlling waterborne diseases. In addition, we will record and report the number of trained farmers, areas of arable land and improved economic conditions through agricultural development.  Moreover,  team members will visit Pisto, Haiti semi-annually to test water quality and assist with decontamination procedures.


We believe water initiative and educational enrichment project will be extremely beneficial to the underserved population of Pisto. We anticipate a decline in waterborne disease by ensuring sustainable access to clean water. We also anticipate improved health and reduction of poverty through sustainable agriculture.

New Jersey for Haiti’s clean water initiative and educational enrichment project will incorporate a plan of action that will enable the Pisto Stakeholders and Agricultural Community Members to have access to clean water indefinitely. Our train the trainer program will ensure that models of good water management will be taught to further generations for many years to come. Team members will provide labor-free engineering services to build, install, inspect an irrigation system and provide maintenance.The Mobile MaxPure is a solar-powered system that is designed to last 25 years and capable of pumping 30,000 gallons of clean water daily in order to meet Pisto water demands.